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I work in a publishing house, and lulu is one of our partners. you have really amazing writings, been to Siargao once, and I want to come back! 5 days was not enough. haha

Thank you!

You take beautiful photos and I need you to take a photo of me to make as my FB profile picture haha


sweater-god is a goddess and I will be forever grateful for her sharing this. Srsly this is the highest compliment anyone has ever ever ever given my writing.

The line is a quote from “For All The Girls With Messy Hearts and To The Men Whose Skin Has Tasted Mine

You are.
You are enough.
Forget the men whose hands have groped your hips

in search for answers to questions
you’ve never even heard of.
Do not settle for people who do not appreciate you,
who do not know how lucky they are.
Remember it is a privilege to be loved by you,
or even just
to be touched by you, and
the warmth of another body does not define your worth.


Surf and Write

Anonymous said: If I purchase your book on Amazon do you get less of a profit than lulu?

Yes. I give Amazon 2-4$ for every purchase. In Lulu I getall revenues and only pay for the printing and binding labor costs.

I was never good at making friends.
I was never good at writing about friendship.
My pen has a habit of writing down boys who forget my name.

- Sade Andria Zabala | excerpt from 8,000 Days of Summer

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It’s been a year since
the smoke died and I
barely remember the blue
in your eyes but I’m still here
burning on my bed;
I’m still here and I’m waiting for
the words you never said.

It’s been a year and
I can still taste every single touch,
every sweat drop, every moan,
every single fucking fuck.

It’s been a year from
the time when I could feel
your warmth crawling
down my spine. Now I’m
void, now I’m tired, and
everything is so bright.

It’s been a year and
I’m here and my blankets
still say your name.

It’s been a year…
maybe I should get the fuck up.


Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | One Year Later It’s Still You


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A simple concept for a haiku by surfandwrite. I was just itching to paint something. This came to mind when I read your haiku.

***Please ignore the my bad/amateur photoshop skills. LOL…

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It’s bothering me how I’m not willingly writing so much anymore.

On the plus side this means I’m too busy to be depressed.

On the minus side this means I’m not living life properly.


This is absolutely embarrassing for me….

But I can no longer continue to put my own health and life at risk.



Dear everyone,

As most of you know, I suffer from clinical depression and am often suicidal. Lately I’ve come to realize that the trigger for this is being unhappy about my life situation. I am stuck in a country I have always hated, with a culture and people I can not connect with. I believe if I continue to live here with the constant reminder of an emotionally abusive family, I will be in danger of relapsing. I need to make a life for myself and I hope you can help me.

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I work in a call center and only earn $300 a month. $100 goes to rent, groceries, and communal transportation. $50 goes to therapy for my depression, which I can only afford to go to once a month.

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Anonymous said: You are a beautiful person, physically and in the way you express yourself in words. I admire you and all your strength. Even on the days you say you don't feel strong. Your words are an inspiration. Stay beautiful. (:

Thank you so much. Your words are too kind, and they come at a time that I sort of need to hear them. Have a lovely day and may the universe be as kind to you. x

Surf and Write

Anonymous said: You saved my life.

Stay strong.


I tried to use a dictionary so I could define the way your touch seems to make music flow from the pores of my skin, but words alone could not do justice to how effortlessly you can shake the emptiness out of me. Thank you for that. ~Sade Andria Zabala

Suuuultry. Keep tagging me in your posts, guys! <3

I’m in New Jersey! Via doublesummertime Thank you so much, sweetie!


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First salary got myself a book and this fucking expensive Terranova shirt turned dress. #iregretnothing Now I’m broke but hey look at dat ass huh 😏😁💪

Are you so afraid to be called wrong you deny yourself the opportunity to be right?

- Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Thought of the Day: Pride & Ignorance

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