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Anonymous said: You might think this is a bit of a vague ask but I really just want to know a bit about you, tell me about some things you like and dislike, places you want to go and a place you'd never want to visit, tell me a place that makes you happy and a place that makes you sad, something you think is cool and something that isn't.. I just feel like I want to get to know you more. I honestly adore your writing and you're a massive influence on me as I'm an aspiring writer too. All my love.

Oh, wow. Okay. I like the taste of onions and garlic with butter and trying to learn how to cook at 23 even though I still can’t. I like doing things for someone I love - whether it’s doing their laundry, or doing the dishes, or cleaning up the house. I like being in love. I like pouring myself into someone. I like the thought of being a housewife and a mother and being someone someone wants to come home to, night after night. I like lying under the sun, staring up at the clouds, and thinking about nothing and everything. And I both like and dislike the melancholic feeling that tinges in my chest when I do so. I like the ache in my muscles after a good long surf. I like the adrenaline rush of raising my hand to answer a question nearly as much as I love the rush of riding a good wave. I like quiet. I like alone. I like the snugness of lying near somebody’s collarbone. I like grocery shopping, I like shitty art with meaning, I like getting drunk and feeling sexy and teasing hot boys, I like the taste of roasted rosemary. I like strangers that genuinely smile at you. I like the smell of sex and searching for obscure music. I like summer nights ringing with the laughter of good friends, or sitting outside with a good book. I like getting high and I like chocolate chip mint ice cream. I like taking showers with someone I like. I like corn on the cob. I like scrolling through OkCupid and browsing photos of cute guys.

I dislike cockroaches. People who do not respect personal space. I dislike foreigners who always just talk in their language when you’re hanging out with them and pretend you’re not there. I dislike lack of compassion. I dislike weakness, but am weak. I dislike waiting for a ride. I dislike being late. I dislike men that hit on me when I am obviously decades younger than them. I dislike ignorance and the insistence of people to remain ignorant. I dislike squash and fried fish. I dislike kissing someone knowing I have morning breath. I dislike people touching my nose. I dislike the inconvenience of periods. I dislike being dumped. I dislike moving on, but am addicted of the feeling of having moved on. I dislike cat calls. I dislike milk. I dislike insects or hair found in my food. I dislike flying. I dislike the drop in your stomach when you hear bad news. I dislike being underestimated. I dislike the look people give other people when they’re judging a stranger. I dislike girl-on-girl hate and going outside the house without a handkerchief. I dislike sleeping without a big blanket. I dislike sleeping without my own space or when people cling on to me. I dislike sleepless nights over loss. I dislike that jumpiness when you wake up from a nightmare. I dislike that short burst of insecurity in my chest when he lets go from holding my hand. I dislike browsing through OkCupid and seeing his country displayed. I dislike watching movies that make me cry. I dislike knowing that my depression will never go away. 

I want to go everywhere. I want to go to Australia, to Paris, to New York, to California, to Sweden, to London, to South America. Europe, europe, europe. I want to go where my future husband lives. I want to go where my future self resides. I want to go to whereever I have to be.

I would never want to visit the places where my exes are.

The ocean makes me happy. The mall makes me sad. The green house by the beach in Siargao makes me sad. My bedroom makes me sad. Places where his hands have touched and his ghost lingered makes me sad. Places with poverty make me sad.

I think girls that can surf real good are super cool. Tattoos are cool. Scars are cool. Hipster crap is cool. People that tag me in things, that quote me, that rate my book, that message me, without me asking them to - that’s cool. 

I think guys having to feel the need to do things to prove their masculinity to their friends is not cool. Following trends for the sake of following trends without knowing if you really like the trend or whether you’re just trying to prove something to other people is not cool.

Oh gosh that was long. Thanks for the interesting ask, though! I wish luck in life and with your writing, x

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Anonymous said: Are you currently staying in Surigao now?


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Anonymous said: What are your tatts and what do each symbolize?

My newest ones:

  • Coffee cup - for my book, Coffee and Cigarettes
  • Typewriter font quote “au milieu de l’hiver j’ai découvert en moi un invinvible été” - to remind myself, if I’m depressed, that I managed to overcome my clinical depression, suicidal tendencies, and self-esteem issues, even for just a while, due to summer and surfing, and to not lose hope if I get sucked in the abyss again.
  • Flame on back of right hand - in response to my friend saying I have a bad habit of playing with fire.

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Anonymous said: Regading your tatt "love is enough". What was the story behind that tatt?

How’d you even know I have that lol. I covered it up now, so you can’t see it clearly anymore. I replaced it with a red coffee cup.

But the story behind that is I was sort of in love (or infatuated) with this boy when I was a teen. We weren’t dating officially, but decided to play a prank on our classmates and especially one of my friends that we were a couple on Facebook “in a relationship”, in revenge for them playing a similar prank on us.

And because his two girl best friends didn’t like me (for NO logical reason at all, they were apparently jealous he was spending time with me/he had “changed” which he hadn’t imo), we stopped pursuing whatever thing we had between us.

Then one of my ex best friends, for some reason, decided she was part of the drama and broke down crying in the middle of our entire class saying she was hurt and super betrayed for my lies lol. Then a couple of days after that, my other ex best friend started dating him, despite knowing what I felt for him and how hurt I was with the whole “let’s stop this” situation.

I got it first in invisible UV ink, then redid it in black, to remind myself and everyone around me that love should be enough. No bullshit. No drama. Love is the only real reason worth truly living for.

Basically, it was all childish. One of the poems in my poetry book, The One That Got Away, is the story of/about it.

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Anonymous said: Last good movie you saw?

Hmmmn…  Begin Again.

Choose a person that makes you believe in the impossible.

You deserve a love that’s as extraordinary as your personality, and as profound as the suffering you have been through.

Love should never be wasted on mediocrity. It should never be average.

Never settle for anyone who won’t woo you, who won’t give you sleepless nights due to the butterflies in your stomach, and who won’t sweep you off your feet until all you see are stars -

so many stars you find yourself forgetting the darkness that makes them shine so bright in the first place.

- Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Thought of the Day: Don’t Settle

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Anonymous said: What is your fave song to dance to


Well right now it’d be Martin Garrix - Animals and Levels by Skrillex. Also Clarity by Zedd, Close To You and We Found Love by Calvin Harris. My music taste becomes super mainstream techno when im clubbing haha

Although if Im drunk on Tequila I will basically dance to any crappy mainstream/pop song and scream it out loud such as iGOT THIS FEELING ON THE SUMMER DAY WHEN YOU WERE GONE I CRASHED MY CAR INTO A BRIGDE I WATCHED I LET IT BUUUUURN!


Okay I just need to vent

So I stay in a hotel-condominium building where I have an apartment and went down after dinner to use the wifi when suddenly everyone in the lobby was in a commotion. Apparently, there’s an Arabian (or other Middle Eastern) guest who looks about 40-50 who asked the hotel to get a massage. When the massage therapist came to his room, who is a lady, he told her he wanted them to “talk and have drinks” and she declined. Next, he asked her if she wanted to see/touch his penis, to which she said no. He got super pissed and threatened, “I will kill you.” She still declined and he said “I will call the police. I am rich, I am not afraid of you.”

The therapist got super scared and wouldn’t let her out of the room. She stayed there from 6pm-9pm, THREE HOURS. Coincidentally, the receptionist called her phone to check up on her, and this was when he said, “Okay, you can go” and she immediately left, shaking, took the call and went down to the lobby where she relayed the incident.

The receptionist called him to ask for his payment as, of course, he had used up the therapist’s time. He wouldn’t pay up. They called him again. He said he’d come down. And I literally saw him come down and say to the therapist in a loud voice, “Did you massage me??? No you did not. Call the police. Call the police, I am not afraid of you. I will let them see your license, you are a fake, you are not a real therapist” and they basically started an almost screaming match as he told her to piss off and gave her the finger as he went back to the elevator.

To top it off, the same guy had caused a scene in the lobby earlier this afternoon. Apparently a girl he let into his room “stole his phone” or whatever. I’m pretty sure she was a prostitute. And then he demanded the receptionist, “Do not let that girl inside again. Call me if she is here before you let her in. That is my order.”Afterwhich he decides to get a beer in the restaurant, then sat down beside me, and tried to flirt with me as I was OBVIOUSLY watching a movie on my laptop with earphones (so I pretended not to notice him) even though without make up I look like I’m fucking 15.

This enrages me SO MUCH.

How dare people take advantage of the poorness of our country, galavanting around with your fucking money’s currency exchange, openly threatening people with it wtf I can’t believe people like this still exist!!!!!

And also - people still think that we don’t need feminism??????

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Anonymous said: What song do you listen to when you're angry?

Feel-good/relaxing songs like Electric Feel (Kygo Remix)


You realize you guys can still talk to me, right????

I miss anons that send me random questions:

I used to think you were too good for me. Turns out, I can do better.


Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Thought of the Day

2014 is for moving on and recognizing your own value.

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Be a good person and THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS.
Positive things are drawn to positive-thinking people.
Positive things happen to those who believe they will.
Positive energy is attracted to people who think positively.
You are what you think. You are whatever you want to be.
Attract good energy. Attract good karma. The world is yours. Take it.

- Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Thought of the Day

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sergii-t replied to your post: Send me three words + I’ll make it int…

Cheese on toast

You make me

rise like yeast in bread

every time you kiss my head.


I melt inside

like cheese on toast

when you say you love me most.


Your lips, they glide,

you make me ache 

for it feels like syrup dripping on pancakes.


Nights are better

if I wake next to you.

Mornings are brighter

with breakfast for two.



its comforting to know that if things ever do not work out at least I made a deal with livshunger's/my bestie's 17 y/o little brother that if by the time I am 30 and we are both still single, we are marrying each other. He has agreed to this sacred deal we have sealed it by shaking hands virtually over skype it is official, he has no way out.

Send me three words + I’ll make it into a poem.

Taking poetry requests.

It’s that time of the year again, yaaaay.

Send me ANY three words and I will choose ones that interest me and incorporate them into a poem. It can be separate words or one phrase like “insect, noodles, red” or “kiss me like…”

I won’t answer all requests, so make sure to be creative with your choices.

(All my writer’s block challenge favorites) (All old writer’s block requests)